LOGIQ - Softening Systems of the SUPREME INDUSTRIAL series

LOGIQ - Softening Systems of the SUPREME INDUSTRIAL series

Dear Sir or Madam! We are pleased to announce that POLAQUAGROUP Sp. J. has launched a new series of professional water softeners. The LOGIQ series will be equipped with a modern, reliable control valve "PREFORMA LOGIX 269 PENTAIR" / USA. The devices on sale will be offered in a compact and two-element version.

- Warranty, up to 10 years!
- High quality,
- Professional, electronic, volumetric control valve "PERFORMA LOGIX 269" PENTAIR / USA,
- High-performance monospheric resin LEWATIT S1567,
- Possibility to activate the economical mode of "variable reserve function",
- Modern counter-current regeneration system - "UP-FLOW",
- "MIXING" valve,
- Low consumption of water and salt in the regeneration cycle,
- Dry tank function,
- High-quality STRUCTRURAL * or SUPREME INDUSTRIAL ** pressure cylinders,
- Internal NOVARAM memory, enabling the dynamic memory to be maintained in the event of a power failure,
- Efficient lower basket distribution system equipped with a special deflector (DFLR),
- Possibility to retrofit the system: a BY-PASS valve or a chlorinator with a salt alarm function,
- They are offered for sale in a specially designed cover with the SUPREME INDUSTRIAL logo, which protects the pressure cylinder against mechanical damage or abrasions **.
* for devices in a compact housing, ** for devices in a two-element version

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