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Osmotic Water Ionizer - SUPREME RO8 PREMIUM

Osmotic Water Ionizer - SUPREME RO8 PREMIUM

We are pleased to announce that Polaqua Group Sp. J. has introduced to the offer a modern, eight-stage, osmotic water ionizer.

The product is available on the basis of the SUPREME PREMIUM line system.

As the only ones in Poland, Europe and a few in the world, we will offer a product with a linear SUPREME / BIOCERA water ionizer and bacteriostatic inserts made of polypropylene.

Product advantages:

1, SUPREME-RO8 PREMIUM contains a SUPREME / BIOCERA cartridge
2. The system in the set has SUPREME bacteriostatic inserts.
3. The system is made of components certified by NSF.
4. The system is entirely made in Europe.
5. The system on sale is offered with linear inserts based on S-L-MIN-QC and S-L-CARB-QC quick coupler
6. The insert contains modern spouts signed with the SUPREME logo
8. The system contains the original FILMTEC membrane with a capacity of 100 GPD.